Quilt projects

Quilting as you go is the latest trend for quilters these days. If you want to check out quilt as you go projects, then check out this article:

Quilt projects

She believes in treating all household appliances, computers included, as if they are doddering invalids. For instance, vegetables may only go through the garbage disposal if they are pureed. But feeding freezer paper-backed fabric through your printer should not inspire cries of fear.

Stitchers have been doing it for years. Will these fabric sheets harm the printer? In fact, some printers offer a "fabric sheet" setting.

You'll find it in your printer's software which often pops up when you print something. When I plan to print fabric in my inkjet I start by thinking big. I unroll a roll of high-quality plastic-coated freezer paper like Reynolds cheap stuff might not adhere well to the fabric, nor will it feed through the printer properly.

I also unroll a lot of fabric--the best fabric to print on is percent cotten with a high thread count Some quilters prefer particular brands of muslin for this. You can find them on the Internet and they will be glad to share their opinions with you. I iron as much freezer paper onto as much fabric as I can stand.

Then, when I'm done, I iron it again, both front and back. Now, using a ruler as a guide, mark and cut sheets a little longer than legal-sized from the paper-backed fabric. You might experience trouble getting the fabric to feed through the printer, initially.

Quilt projects

Or, your printer may print the image nearer to the top of the sheet than you had planned. It's always good to have a few extra inches of fabric on which to print. Cut lots of paper-backed fabric sheets. It's always good to have extra sheets on hand.

The fabric is backed with film or paper that you peel off. Some of these products come with a package of dye fixitiv that you soak the fabric in after you print it. You can find these fabric sheets in quilting catalogs such as Keepsake Quilting. These products are great.Browse our collection of quilts and other projects and pick up some new ideas and inspiration.

Quilt projects

Click on a project to see a larger image and either download the free quilt pattern (where available) or visit the quilt designer's website. Edna, May Victor, Mary and Me: An All Night Benediction () 0.

Cinderella in a Dragster. For a project you can quilt in a day, choose one of our easy quilt patterns or quilts for kids. Use fat quarters or a charm pack in quilting patterns that are precut friendly. Try classic quilt blocks using a Log Cabin quilt pattern or a star quilt pattern.

Quilting Projects: Free quilting projects and quilt block patterns for rag quilts, baby quilts, artistic quilts, wall hangings and beginner quilts.

The phrase “quilt as you go” has occasionally – and unfortunately – encompassed quilting ON the go. Meaning, hand-pieced and/or hand-quilted projects are made mobile and portable: throw them in a bag and work on them in waiting rooms, on the bus, etc.

Make beautiful scrap quilts, wallets, and more, all with the free quilt projects in this collection. Little Treasures by Carol Fletcher The design of this box is simple but pleasing and offers a great canvas to use when trying new embellishment ideas.

Quilting projects