Outbreak movie essay

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Outbreak movie essay

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis Motaba, a fictional virus which causes a deadly fever, is discovered in the African jungle in To maintain the virus as a viable biological weapon, two U. Army officers, Donald McClintock and William Ford, destroy the camp where it was found after taking blood samples from the dying victims.

Twenty-eight years later, inthe virus resurfaces in Zaire. Ford knows that the virus is not new, but he tells Daniels it is unlikely to show up. Meanwhile, we learn that the virus arrived via a host animal, a white-headed capuchin monkey, that was smuggled into the United States.

James "Jimbo" Scott, an employee at the Bio-Test animal holding facility, bribed a security guard and took the monkey to Cedar Creek, California, to sell on the black market.

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During the drive, Jimbo is infected with the virus through facial contact with the monkey's saliva. Jimbo unsuccessfully tries to sell the monkey to a crooked pet store owner, Rudy Alvarez Before parting ways, however, the monkey scratches Alvarez and infects him, and shares a banana with another monkey already in the store, infecting that monkey as well.

Not able to care for the monkey, Jimbo releases it into the woods. Jimbo starts to show signs of infection while flying to Boston, where he gets off the plane and kisses his girlfriend Alice, infecting her as well just before collapsing.

They are both hospitalized. Keough investigates the infections Outbreak movie essay finds that no one other than Jimbo, his girlfriend or Rudy all three of whom die of hemorrhagic fever in the Boston area was infected.

Meanwhile, the technicians at a Cedar Creek hospital run tests on Rudy's blood. But Henry, one of the technicians, accidentally breaks a vial, splattering the contents, infecting and killing him, but not before visiting a movie theater. The virus mutates into a new strain, capable of spreading like flu, and numerous Cedar Creek citizens are exposed to Motaba at the theater.

Daniels learns of the infection and flies to Cedar Creek alongside Schuler and Salt, against Ford's orders, joining Keough's team.

As Daniels and his team begin a search for the host animal, a state of martial law is declared in Cedar Creek, and the U. Army has quarantined the town to contain the outbreak, including preventing an attempt by civilians from breaking quarantine.

During their research, Schuler is infected when his suit tears. Keough follows after she accidentally stabs herself with a contaminated needle while collecting samples due to Schuler suddenly convulsing.

A mystery serum, E, is introduced to those suffering from Motaba. Daniels soon realizes that the serum is not experimental, but was designed to cure Motaba, and that Ford knew about the virus beforehand.

Outbreak movie essay

However, the serum does not help the residents of Cedar Creek, who are infected by a mutated strain. Daniels confronts Ford, who admits that he withheld information on the virus due to national security and Motaba's potential to be turned into a biological weapon.

Now-Major General Donald McClintock plans to use the bombing to cover up the virus's existence to protect his secret biological weapon project. To prevent Daniels from finding a cure, McClintock has him arrested by implicating Daniels as a viral carrier.

This leads Daniels and Salt to search for the host animal to save the town by escaping custody by helicopter. After the animal holding facility who had been aiding Daniels by tracking down how the host animal got into the country learns what happened from the security guard about what Jimbo did, the two are able to track down the ship that carried the host animal and Daniels obtains a picture of Betsy and broadcasts it on the news.

Jeffries realizes that this is the animal her daughter Kate is playing with in their backyard. She calls the station, and the two men arrive at the family's house, though Colonel Briggs intercepts the call and informs McClintock of Daniels and Salt's location who heads out to intercept them by helicopter.

Kate coaxes out Betsy, whom Salt tranquilizes. Learning from Daniels that the host animal is captured, Ford delays the bombing. Flying back, Daniels and Salt are confronted by McClintock who tries to force them to head to their local air force base, only for Daniels to refuse.

While McClintock's helicopter chases theirs, Daniels has Salt fire two rockets into the trees to trick McClintock into thinking they crashed so they could escape by flying low enough to avoid being detected by radar.“Outbreak” Movie Assignment Essay.

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The film, Outbreak, portrays the efforts of an army virologist, Sam Daniels, to prevent a global biological disaster - “Outbreak” Movie Assignment Essay introduction.

A rare killer virus from the African jungle has started an epidemic in a small northern California commu7nity.

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View Homework Help - SBI 3C1 - Outbreak Movie Worksheet Answer Key from SBI 3Cl at Lester B. Pearson Senior High School. SBI3C1Microbiology OUTBREAK FridayMarch23th 1. Outbreak Essay “ The single biggest threat to man’s continues dominance is the virus.” In the movie Outbreak a hemorrhagic virus took the lives of many people in a matter of days.

This deadly virus was called the Motaba virus. Outbreak Movie. jolted these countries economic growth, disrupted the social life of their citizens, and created much stress and strain on their political system and governance"(Tsang, T. ). This infectious disease caused by the coronavirus led to the global leslutinsduphoenix.com of July , there were probable cases reported in a death toll of Essay about the movie outbreak - Essay about.

The Host" — geopolitics of outbreak and dangers of biosecurity by. Doc), PDF File . My mother essays essay on dinacharya in sanskrit language my favorite film essay crying of lot 49 conspiracy essay outbreak movie reaction paper.

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