Can social media increase voter turnout

Other users in the study saw an informational message — identical in all respects except for pictures of friends.

Can social media increase voter turnout

By Matt Petronzio Can social media increase voter turnout explores the trends changing politics in and beyond in these special reports. Statistics show that only about half of Americans who are eligible to vote actually do so — an incredibly disheartening figure.

Using social media, Americans who understand the importance of voting can engage the connected generation where it spends most of its time — online. This year's election features two candidates with vested interests in social media.

If you wish to encourage their constituencies to vote, consider sharing these digital tools for what's already shaping up to be a close race.

Here's a rundown of how voters can get involved and get out the vote. Tools, Sites and Facebook Apps Facebook is a major influence tool at all times of the year, not just in election season. That's why political campaigns, committees and other groups are utilizing the social network to create apps that engage voters.

Most of these apps and tools have a goal of generating conversation about the importance of voting. With it, people simply pledge they will go out and vote for a candidate on Nov.

The speed of information exchange and social sharing make for such an interesting Petri dish for politics.

Can social media increase voter turnout

Half of America is on Facebook —- a fascinating focus group for any field. All politics is indeed local. By signing up with your Facebook account, you can match your connections to the voter file and share thoughts on critical issues for the upcoming election. Through this app, you can make a private declaration to vote, declare a public commitment to a candidate or engage your social circle in certain issues.

You can also respond to CNN surveys and debate your choices with friends. NationBuilder is a well-known community organizing system in the political space. Campaigns and volunteers are able to connect via Facebook and tap into a range of social tools, such as finding your most influential supporters, collecting event RSVPs and sharing information.

Its Social Organizing tool integrates supporters' Facebook friends with voter files, allowing for grassroots fundraising, volunteer recruitment and get-out-the-vote efforts.

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It tells you which friends are most likely to become supporters. By enabling the Obama-Biden Facebook app, you can share articles, videos, voter registration information and other campaign activities with friends.

You can also register to vote, or if you're already registered, you can commit to voting on Nov. The Republican National Committee launched this app to provide important information to supporters about volunteer opportunities and get-out-the-vote phone calls, as well as important issues in the coming election.

Votizen is a web service that helps you discover the voters you already know in your social networks, allowing you to engage and encourage them to vote for your choice candidate — for any election. You can even type in the name of a candidate and start from there, learning how to campaign specifically for him or her through social media.

When users log in to WeForPresident with Facebook, they can register to vote, engage in debates and find organizations that match their political interests. Users can also share activities on their Facebook walls to help rally their causes.

Rock the Vote The well-known Rock the Vote movement encourages younger voters to exercise their right to vote, while reinvigorating their involvement in the political process.

Click here to download our entire special report as an e-book. So we use social media to bring voter registration to them — making it easy to register on Facebook, on a mobile phone, online. And then we ask our voters to share the registration tools with their networks.

The concept targets the Millennial generation.Studies of voter registration systems around the world and recent reforms in the United States suggest that automatic voter registration can significantly increase registration rates and enhance turnout.

Can Social Media Increase Voter Turnout? Today, only about half of registered voters in America actually vote; a sad statistic of an uninformed, unconcerned population.

Tools, Sites and Facebook Apps

Social media networks such as Facebook have proven to not only inform voters but to actually improve voter turnout, by using a get-out-the-vote message. Social Media Sites Are Making Voter Registration Easier Than Ever Before By Yasaman Khorsandi On 9/28/16 at PM Marissa Jimenez, 22, registers to vote on National Voter Registration Day at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk's office in Norwalk, Los Angeles, California, U.S., September Oct 02,  · Can Social Media Really Boost Voter Turnout?

Why Big Data Falls Short of Its Political Promise Topics: presidential campaign, Facebook, Politics, politics-transformed, rock the vote. Nov 05,  · A new model for vote delegation has the opportunity to greatly increase voter turnout. Instead of not voting because of lack of knowledge or lack of time, people can assign their voting power to people they believe in while having the freedom to take back their vote or assign that vote to another person at anytime.

Social Media Sites Are Making Voter Registration Easier Than Ever Before “We think that a total overhaul of how people vote could increase turnout by up to 20 percentage points,” said.

Increasing Voter Turnout: What, If Anything, Can Be Done?