A special gift essay

It isnt a coincidence. Argumentative essay contest, you essay status frustration giving gifts. I look up to my mother and she gives me wild thoughts that help make me, me. She gave me a small red box and said that.

A special gift essay

Essay contest winners chose a little brother, a charm bracelet and a gift from Afghanistan. Photo by Crystal's biological mother, Amanda Boten. My brothers and sisters are the greatest thing invented since sliced bread and each of them contributed to the person I am today. I am adopted and grew up with my five siblings who were also adopted.

My oldest brother Eddie, who is twice my age, and I used to be really close because I was a tomboy. Man, the pranks we would play! He is the one who taught me that someone may be able to overpower you physically but you can always outwit them.

So he treated me equally and never went easy on me because I was a girl or because I was younger. It enabled me to think fast and sometimes I believe he grudgingly regretted teaching me how to be quick on my feet because he later paid the consequences. Eddie was my best friend so when he moved out and headed off to train for war I was absolutely devastated.

A special gift essay

My brother and I had a connection. No one challenged me the way he did and I missed that. War changes people and he was one of those people. I got one letter from him, which I keep in my wallet, and after that he became a complete stranger.

I no longer knew this person who had invaded his body.


Years went by without me knowing that safe and sound about 40 minutes from where I was, my dream come true was waiting. My brother had known about me since he was a tot, while I on the other hand had no clue that as I sat on my bed wishing and dreaming for him to exist, that he was sitting on his bed wondering every day if we would ever meet.

When I finally met him for the first time a thrill shot through my veins and excitement raced up and down my spine. Andrew could never take the place of my brother Eddie; instead he has made his own place.

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Andrew is a bundle of inexhaustible love that I would never trade for any other gift in the whole wide world. At first my grandfather kept it but when my dad got engaged to my mom, my grandfather gave it to my mom. Then my mom gave it to me for my 11th birthday and I loved it so much because it made me feel secure.

The charm bracelet was different colors and had silver crosses on it that would shine in the light. Ever since I began wearing it, I began to do better in school and began to achieve some goals that I never thought I would be able to achieve.

Once I noticed this, I wore my bracelet every day and when I told my mom, she told me it must be my grandmother looking over me.

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I knew she cared about me and was looking out for me. Yet, the charm bracelet was really old and it would break often, but not beyond repair. For instance, once I hit my hand against the wall by accident and it broke into three pieces. I began to panic because I had been all over the school and I knew how delicate the bracelet was.

I went crazy searching for it but it was no use. Maybe someone needed the luck more than you. Luckily, as I began to tear up, my dad made me feel better by telling me that the bracelet having luck was all in my head and that my grandmother has always been looking over me.

My grandfather was in Afghanistan along with other U. He got my brother and I these hand-made boxes for our personal stuff. The box is wooden with a picture of the American and Afghanistan flags on the front. To open the box is even more special.

A Special Gift I Gave Essay

I have put only the most personal of items in that box. There are only a handful of things that are that personal to me. The note that was sent with the box is one of them. This box is special to me because it was a great surprise and it gave me a feeling that I was talking to my grandfather every time I read that note.Special Gift for Your Brother to Prepare for His Trip Abroad Essay.


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A special gift essay

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Gift is an object which is given freely without expecting anything to the nearest and Dearest on particular occasion as a token of Expressing their gratitude, love and friendship, Gifts will be remembered for longer time or life time.

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